A Consumer Rails (a little) on iPods, then Klipschorn….

October 21, 2006

Chapter 1
Being the iPod’s Fall to Some Lower Circular Hell in Dante’s Inferno

So there are all these so-called “cute” and “smart” features on these technolandia instruments for musical listening pleasure and I shall henceforth beef about a small yet important feature which is missing first on an iPod and then on the highly reputable Klipschorn speakers.

Let me rewind to the day that an iPod arrived in our home, finally in the hands of adults instead of teenagers.

My partner had lusted after an iPod for years, watching the growth of the product through gifting the machine first to a tween and later to  a panting teen in our household.  This technogadget lust spanned over 4 years and in that time the iPod got sleeker, slimmed down and was totally mass-marketed.

And so when the iPod wrappings came undone for the middle-agster in the house, I watched my partner’s glee and full enjoyment of full possession of this gizmo, so highly prized by many.

How to describe when I finally copped an iPod feel?  There was a certain amount of petting the instrument.  The cool metal back warmed in my hand, the circular spinning tool (Click Wheel) purred as it moved from function to function in my neophytic sweaty palm. I ain’t a techno-geek, nor a technophobe, just a new newbie in  iPod-landia..

We dedicated a well worn iMac G3 as the repository of our iPod library, stripped it down to basics and added OSX.  Cataloging became the “de rigeur” activity in our spare time; the virtual wheels of industry, clamoring for daily addition into our goo-goo baby 30gig music toy.  My partner would sigh in murmuring appreciation of each newly discovered function that lay beneath fingertips , while I cheerfully added yet another CD to our growing musical  library.

And then there came the iPod’s fall from grace.

While scrolling, one night in the artist’s menu, I wanted to find the group “Zap Mama”.  I assumed that like my cell phone number directory, I should be able to scroll up as well as down.  In other words, I didn’t want to scroll down alphabetically from A all the way to Z.  I wanted to scroll up from A into Z.  To my amazement this was not possible!

Holy Toledo, Batman, what gives?!  What were these high paid Cupertino engineers thinking (or not thinking) of when they designed their baby?  Were they worried that I might scroll too fast and fall too dizzily into Z-land?  Had some statistician ascertained that there were many more artists in the beginning of the alphabet than at the end??  I was mystified and  miffed at such an obvious design blunder.  Such an oversight lends credence to the oft turned phrase, “Get with the program, guys!”.

Chapter 2
Wherein Klipschorn Descends into Hades When it Should have Known Better
(to be continued)


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